meet your guides

Our guides have a passion for what they do and are excited to meet you. Their technical ability and knowledge of fishing is the perfect match in the waters of Alaska, and specifically in the Mulchatna River. With years of experience in their waders, it’s not all about the catch and the release…learn about the fish you catch and the area you catch them in. Surrounded by the great wilderness you are fishing in, there is abundant wildlife and magnificent scenery – so bring your camera!



Chet Benson, Owner and Master Guide

Chet was born and raised in Northern California, hiking and fishing the streams and rivers in the Trinity Mountains. He started coming to Alaska in 1997 as he continued his outdoor adventures as a packer and hunting guide for a local outfitter, moving there permanently in early 2000. As the sole proprietor of Bearfoot Adventures and a certified master guide with 20 years of experience specifically in 3 states and 2 countries, the knowledge and resources he has elevates any adventure trip. When he’s not wading through waters, climbing mountains or being the ultimate family man, you’ll find Chet flying a Cessna 172 airplane and rocking out to ZZ Top.

Along with a Wilderness First Responder license and a Coast Guard license your trip will be just as safe as it will be that Alaskan adventure you’ve always wanted to experience. Feel free to call him directly with any questions at 907-240-4868.

Chet met his wife, Halie in 1999 at a hunting camp in Arizona. In 2002 they were married in Idaho, starting their own adventure and then a business together within a year. Two kids and a fishing lodge later, the adventures continue.

Kautumn Lodge is a combination of both daughters’ names, Kaia and Autumn, as well as a great play on words befitting to a unique Alaskan fishing lodge sitting on a magnificent river with an abundance of fish.


The Benson's